TLD Tattoo is renowned for doing some of the boldest, brightest and cleanest traditional tattooing in Sydney, our diverse group of artist have every style covered and strive to exceed our customers expectations every time.

The shop is filled from floor to ceiling with original tattoo flash, hand painted by the artists that work here at TLD. With thousands of designs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something here on the wall that suits your needs.

However if you are after a custom design, such as fine line black and grey, Japanese, realism, lettering, geometric mandala or tribal etc our friendly and professional staff are here to discuss your design ideas with you.

We do book appointments but Walk-ins are always welcome.

The safety of our clients is of utmost importance at TLD Tattoo. We ensure that all tattoo materials are thrown away after each use.



Kali Ma Shakti de 🛕
Tattooed by @tristanbentley
Tattooed by @luxuryseals 💥🦜
cryptic tattoo by @scourgetattoo
No one gets out alive 
Tattooed by @stipotattoo
Some flawless Lillies by @anikalukinstattoo
Cup of death ☠️ 
Tattooed by @luxuryseals
Deranged casper💥
tattooed by @tristanbentley
Panther tattooed by @joshtld_
⚔️Tattooed by @scourgetattoo⚔️
Gear head @stipotattoo @stipotattoo
Fresh stack tatted by @anikalukinstattoo @anikalukinstattoo
Degenerate Doggy tattooed by @tristanbentley
Rose of no mans land💥@luxuryseals
@champnaki @champnaki
@luxuryseals flash picked off the walls & tattooed by @joshtld_